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Paradise beach in Crete island

Meteores : amazing natural and cultural site

Delphi: the most mysterious ancient site 

Delphi ( in Greek: Δελφοί])
is both an archaeological site and a modern town in Greece on the south-western spur of Mount Parnassus in the valley of Phocis.
The site of Delphi was believed to be determined by Zeus when he sought to find the centre of Grandmother Earth (or Gaia). He sent two eagles flying from the eastern and western extremities,
and the path of the eagles crossed over Delphi where the omphalos, or navel of Gaia was found.

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Brown Bears, Kings Of The Balkan 

ours brun balkan grece visite

The population of brown bears is distributed in 2 mountainous zones of Greece: in the massif of Pinde (between 115 and 145 bears) and that of Rhodope (between 20 and 25). A program of protection was set up in the 90s. The led actions are:
     Follow-up of the demographic situation
     Study of the species and its environment
     Protection of its territory (negotiation on the plan
of the highway of the North of Greece)
   Education and information of the population, for a knowledge bringing to the respect for this species: communication in schools, with the breeders...
    Help to the shepherds: a sheepdog is given to the breeders who wish it to protect their herds.

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Healing plants

plante sauvage medecine grece antique

In Greece, the popular common sense - Which leans  on millenniums medical knowledge  - leave a important part for the use of healing plants in the daily life. For example: the daily herb tea: the sage,
" plant of the women ", besides its digestive virtues, acts as hormonal regulator. In cooking : the oregano (collected in the scrubland, dried and crumbled) gives all its identity to the Greek salad; with the juice of 1 or 2 lemon and some good olive oil, accompanies the baked chicken... Rosemary,  olive tree,  thyme,  basil,  camomile,  verbena , anise,  hibiscus (flower) are in our plates or our cups, for our pleasure and our health.

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Staïkos Staïkopoulos greek hero

histoire grece heros antique culture

Hero of the Greek independence ( 1821 ),
this man (been born in 1799 in Arcadia)
 participated in the uprising
against the turquish occupant.
Fine strategist, he made a success with few men to push away the army of the Pasha and to free the region of Argolis.
He died in 1835 in, Nafplio,
whom he had freed at the beginning of this war.

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Wolves misandurstood animals

loup faune sauvage ecotourisme grece

If  wolfs lived till the beginning of the XXth century in all the Greek territory, today they do not live more than in the center
and the North of the country. Distributed in approximately 91 packs including some 800 individuals, the population is in increase having fell throughout the XXth century (poaching, poisoning). Favor  to a program of protection since the 1980's. The cohabitation between human beings and wolves is always a little bit stormy, indeed not enough financial compensation in Greece, for the breeders whose cattle was eaten...

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On the footsteps of Chiron

randonnée trek marche sentier antique

An idea of hiking: in the footsteps of the centaur that gave its name to a constellation: Chiron.
You will take the stone paths, that were once roads. You will discover the wilderness of Pelion area. The villages where life flows out of time,
the food, the friendliness of the people (Who maintain these roads) will find a place in your hearts.

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Hydra island, jewel of saronic gulf

hydra séjour romantique voyage

Hydra, the most beautiful island of the saronic golf,
elegant but natural, very frequented in high season,
a peace of haven the rest of the year. This island where cars are forbidden
(and very advantageously replaced by mules: ecological, economic - compare the price of oat with the liter of gasoline! - patient and sweet)
invites you to change rhythm. The charm of the port, the beauty of houses, coastal paths, flora (in spring, explosion of colors of oleanders), her monasteries hidden in pine forests...

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Painted ceramic

artisanat grec albanais macedonien

For the manufacturing of this dish: a work in duet:
the artisant which shapes the object, the artist who paints it. And a lot of love - for their job - but also between them because
they are married! If you pass towards Nafplio, why not to visit their workshop?

To find them:
Workshop Génesis
10  Kapodistriou street
21100 Nafplio, Greece

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Greek vineyards

vin vigoble visite oenologie grece

Europe has another country than France for good wines !!!
When the sun shines all  year long, the land  is rich enough to feed the wine stock,
wine growers loves what they are doing.
Results are here. Do you really believe that the Greek Gods were driking nectar ?

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Dogs life

animaux ecotourisma voyage grece

If the big carnivores are rather protected well in Greece, the fate of cats and especially dogs is not so enviable. Even very shameful. If cats are far from being a part of the family, we "throw" them the reliefs of the meals. The wandering mistigris (numerous because not sterilized) are plumper in summer than in winter, thanks to full trash cans inns in high season, the tourist influx is benefiting  to them too...
In brief, the cats squeeze up the belt and single still straight ahead on the armchair. Worse, the situation of stray dogs: not fed, chased away (often short of stone), poisoned, nothing is made to regulate their population. Programs of sterilisation and attempts of protection
are made from the initiative of immigrant residents.

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National Greek Anthem

grece poete culture histoire sejour

Hymn to Freedom

I recognize you the edge
your sword formidable;
I'll admit to this cursory glance
Which you measure the earth.
Released bones
Sacred of the Greeks,
And your old high energy

Hail, hail, O Freedom! (× 3)
Dionýsios Solomós
Greek poet born in Zakinthos (1798 - 1857)

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One country, one sea...

mer plage eau claire sable fin grece

If the sea had to have a country, it would be Greece. If Humain beings were able to evolve
in this region of the world and to create the first shape of civilization in west, it is partially thanks to the climate very convenient to the human life, but also to the sea which surrounds the territory and does not content with offering its crystal lear waters to the swimmers, but is a reserve of important food. But not inexhaustible, regrettably, the current Humains should show themselves wiser...

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Sea monk

phoque moine meditérannée faune

The Greek islands are not only for tourists. Some - at good distances of continents and uninhabited - are the place of life for the seals monks, endangered species. These animals disappeared little by little, because of the pollution of seas, hunting and as usual reduction of their territory. The seals monks are protected in Greece, where they can live peacefully in a marine reserve formed by some island. There they can eat  their favorite food : fishes, octopuses, cuttlefishes and small squids.

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Lynx, shy inhabitant of balkan

lynx faune sauvage ecotourisme

The abandonment of the agricultural lifestyle by the people makes the happiness of lynxes: fewer people in mountains, less hunting (of the very lynx - although forbidden - and of his preys) and more wild territory, but inconvenience: fewer preys coming from the breeding (sheeps, goats). The population of lynxes is in increase, even if the construction of roads and the illegal hunting - as she of the roe deer (prey of the lynx) - stays a danger for the species.

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Cultures and traditions

folklore balkan danse traditions

Each country has its own culture, language,
traditions, customs,
rituals, beliefs,
lifestyle, dances,
gastronomy ...

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Organic vineyard in Greece

vin bio grece vacance decouverte

A young man who inherits the family vineyard, - Held for generations -
who keeps traditional growing methods,
- guarantee for a quality result - who follow seminars and schools abroad to improve his way of working, deserves that travelers stop in his vineyard, congratulate him, taste his products,
take a moment to discuss.
To leave richer of the friendly, simple and true shared moment.

Knowledge, love of work well done, respect for Mother Earth, traditions ... Even today, these values can bring closer People from different countries..

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Orthodox Easter

religion orthodoxe histoire eglise

Easter is the most important religious celebration in Greece, where orthodoxy is a part of the identity of the people. During the Holy Week, processions
prepare the Resurrection of Christ. Good Friday is the procession of the burial of Christ. People have colored  candles
and go around the parish procession. On Holy Saturday, the pope announce the resurrection of Christ. Then, according Orthodox,  light come back on Earth
(the pope lights a candle,
transmits the light to the people, who transmit it between them and bring it home). All the bells ring and everybody kiss each other wishing "Christos Anesti".
The date of Easter depends on the Julian calendar.

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Knossos, biggest ancient site of Crete

knossos crète site antique excursion

Minoan times. Visit the archaeological site
and Crete. Between the splendor of the past
and the "rebellious and wild" style of today
the largest Greek island
will offers you a lot of surprises.

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Muhammadd Ali Pacha

lac ohrid parc galicica macedoine

Was born the  04 marsh 1769 in Kavala (Greece, but then was Ottoman Empire) from albanian parents. King of 'Egypt and Soudan. He is considered to be the founder of modern Egypt. He died the  02 august 1849 in  Alexandria, Egypt.

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Snowshoes walk

lac ohrid parc galicica macedoine

For winter holidays, an alternative to the overpopulated ski resorts: a small village in the Balkans. A stay in accordance with the nature, an opportunity to rest and discover a protected environment.

The program: strolls in snowshoes, observations of tracks of animals, listening of myths and local stories, tastings the regional dishes, visit museum... Serenity, ressourcement,
outdoor activities...

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Palamidi's fortress

nafplio argolide site antique grece

This citadel overhangs one of the most beautiful city of Greece. 857 steps to reach it (or by the road for the least brave) and take advantage of the view: plain of citrus fruits and olive trees, bay of the saronic gulf, mountains of the Peloponnese and in its foot, the ancient city of Nafplio, with its Venetian architecture building and its "dolce vita" atmosphere.

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Who are the Pontian Greeks ?

peuple grec election europe crise

" The presence of Greeks at the Euxeinos Pontos, the Black Sea, dates back to early times. Research suggests that in the period around 1000 BC first trading adventures in this area took place, searching mainly for gold and minerals. The trip of Jason and the Argonauts to Kolchis, the adventures of Ulysses in the country of the Cimmerians, the punishment of Prometheus by Zeus and the arresting of his body to the mountains of Caucasus, the sailing of Hercules on the Black Sea and other Greek myths related to this area, testify the existence of ancient trading routes.
In the 8th century BC, the only occasionally occupied trading posts began to develop into permanent settlements. The town of Miletus was the first to start its colonization politics at the Black Sea by founding its daughter-city Sinope that proved to have great advantages with its useful harbor and its accessibility towards the hinterland. In a similar pattern numerous cities with large populations emerged in the course of time, strong centers with important sea trade and strong cultural influence..."
By Dr. Konstantinos Fotiadis

19 May is the commemoration day of  

the genocide of the Pontian Greeks 

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The greek komboloï

The Greek komboloï is the only rosary which is used for another reason than that religious. Sepha of the Muslims, the Mala of the Indian Buddhists - translation of these two words is " object of prayer ", the rosary of the Catholics, the komboskini of the orthodox monks (made by knots of fabrics braided), had and always have the purpose to remind to the People the prayers which they have to send to God. Today in Greece, the komboloï is the companion of a whole life, the object which shares all the moments
 of happiness, sadness … The komboloï is for all the men a friend: he accompanies his owner in all the moments, the events of the existence. Hidden at the bottom of a pocket, but mostly in the hand; this rosary - among not defined bead, but always odd - by its presence calms, relaxs, reassures or distracts.

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Cyclades islands for the better or the worst

cyclades grece voyage ecotourisme

Must destination in the 80s, the most famous archipelago of Greece will show you different faces according to the time of the year you visit it. Drowned by mass tourism in the months of July-August, with the journeys in the boats full to bursting and the small ports overcrowded; When nature awakens and flourishes, the flowers offering colors in contrast with the white houses in spring; Calm and somewhat austere life in winter, the inhabitants living almost in autarky far from the continent; Or better at the end of the summer, in the fall, where the calm returns after the summer  crowd, the sea is still warm, the sandy beaches and streets quiet for to lucky travelers.

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Orthox religion is a part of greek identity

santorin vacances alternatives

Greece is not a secular republic: the clergy and the state are not separeted. The domes of the churches dot the landscape and religious festivals set the rhythm of the year. 98% of the Greeks declared themselves orthodox, assuring the cultural unity of the country and allowing them to maintain confidence in the future, since above people, God decides. This link to the Divine enabled them to relativize on the consequences of the economic crisis: the Greeks know that the essential thing in life is not to accumulate material goods (even if some of them have gone astray in the Bling bling). Strong family ties have tightened, people have returned to a simpler life and more human values, such as solidarity.Travel ideas

Ancient healing

Philosophie grecque
"Our body has the ability to self-heal. Extremely important are:
- food
- physical exercise
- the environment
- the lifestyle
- the way of thinking "

Hippocrate de Kos
(460- 370 before C)

Democracy was born in Greece...

démocratie athènes grèce acropole

"If anyone rises up against the people to set up tyranny or help settle tyranny, or try to harm the people and democracy of the Athenians, so be honoring the one who will kill the one who has undertaken one of those crimes. That no member of the Aéropage state, if democracy is destroyed, be permitted to climb on the airplane, participate in a meeting, or make a decision on any matter, and It produces something similar, that he and his descendants are deprived of their political rights, that his fortune be restored to the people, and that one-tenth of his fortune be given to the Gods. "
336 BC

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