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Saint Naum monastery and Galicika national park

Saint Naum is a Byzantine monastery, situated by the Ohrid lake in Republic of Macedonia. Built in X century by Saint Naum (who is buried in the monastery), it is one of exeptionnels sites which offers us the Republic of Macedonia. An architectural, historic and religious heritage ... A must visit.

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When Architecture tells us a story

We all have the image of white houses on the Cyclades islands, in Greece. Of cubic shape, with a roof bring down, walls painted in the lime, the blue shutters...
This architecture is appropriate for this region,
which, crushed by sun in summer, and having winters quiet hot, does not need a sloping roof. Each region has its own style of architecture, which corresponds to the needs of the inhabitants, but also which tells the past:
The invaders, the migrants, the political systems (ah the warm and creative style of the communist structures!). And as every country has several regions... It is sometimes enough to raise the nose on a balcony during a walk, to have a whole piece of history opening in front of us.

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Osogovo monastery

Religions des Balkans

In this image the frescoes representing the apocalypse ...
This Orthodox monastery was founded by the hermit Saint Joachim in the 12th century. Like most monasteries, it is composed of several churches, places of life and workshops. Open to the public, the visitor will be amazed by the frescoes of the buildings but also by the wild and peaceful surroundings of the place.

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macédoine culture monument iliden

The monument to the Ilinden insurrection
(Formerly known as Makedonium) is a monument located in Krouchevo, Republic of Macedonia. It was inaugurated on 2 August 1974 on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the first ASNOM session and the seventy-first anniversary of the beginning of the Ilinden Insurrection. The monument was designed by Jordan and Iskra Grabulovski. It celebrates the Macedonian nationalist struggle and the eternal desire of the Macedonian people for freedom and an independent state.

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Ohrid, an open air museum

ohrid macedoine musée histoire
The old city of Ohrid is an open-air museum. The traditional houses, the numerous (and magnificent) Byzantine churches, the monuments, the fortress, the antique theater, the museums obviously ask for a lasting days stay.
With a guide, because history is rich, fascinating, and only a native of the city will know how to tell it to you. And to go with you for a stroll in the park of Galicica,
to enjoy  a wild fauna and flora.

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Ohrid, jewel of balkan

lac ohrid parc galicica macedoine

The city and the lake of the same name, situated on the West of Republic of Macedonia, are classified in the world heritage
sites of Unesco. The cultural  (the historic city and the surrounding villages) and natural heritage (the national park of Galicica and the lake ) will enchant the enthusiasts of history and the nature lovers.

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