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Solo Women Travelers

Nothing better than travelling alone!

Except ... Sometimes ... When you can meet in friendly vibes with others solo travellers to share experiences, a meal all together, a fun trip and other memorable moments. All thematics

Another good reason to Travel by car

During your trip you will find local producers, so don't miss the opportunity to bring home some delicious foodies: wines, honey, olives, olives oil, aromatic herbs,  candied fruits... That will  put sunshine every time you will use them.  

Travel dates 

It is up to you to decide when to come and go. You don't have to book accommodation with a preset occupancy period (say, one week starting  from a Saturday), which is usually the case in the mass-tourism sector.
You arrive any day that suits you, whether it be a Monday, a Thursday, etc.
You stay as long as you want to: 2 days, 2 weeks, 12 days...
And, of course, you'll have the freedom to organise your vacation time as you see fit, without having to adjust your personal schedule to that of your travel companions (an inconvenience that is inevitable when travelling as part of a tour group).

Details to specify about your project

- Are you planning to rent a car?
- Do you want your holiday accommodation to be close to public transport, shops and other amenities? Or the farther away from civilisation, the better?
- Do you prefer self-catering accommodation? 
- Is having a sea view vital to you? 
- Do you need a double bed or a twin bed?
- If you are travelling with a young child, will there be a need for a baby cot bed?
- Would you like to have a daily breakfast service?  
- Have you got a special diet to follow? ...

When to contact me

The sooner, the better There is nothing weird about requesting a quotation even as far in advance as 12 months, especially if the trip you are looking to realise is a special one for you. An early start will give us enough time to look into all the details that may make a difference during your stay (your needs and preferences, your budget, etc.), as well as to check availability for the type of accommodation you need, to draw up a cost estimate...
At short notice, your trip has a far lesser chance of getting properly organised. This is particularly true of trips planned for July and August. So if that's when you are looking to go on holiday, you have to be particularly aware of the time factor, otherwise your vacation project may leave you in total disillusionment.
If you crave for a seaside getaway in high season, not starting to make your preparations until April may prove a short-sighted strategy. The best accommodation options* are very much sought-after for the summertime period, so it's hardly surprising they should sell out long in advance.
*I partner exclusively with small accommodation providers, running B&B's, guesthouses, hotels whose room capacity does not exceed 15...  

Accessible accommodations

For everyone, finding the ideal accommodation where to spend holidays is a source of much questioning (it must be suitable for all members of the family) and research (rent abroad can prove to be a real adventure). The quality of accommodation depends on its location, the style of accommodation (size, layout, decoration ...) and related services (reception, hygiene). It is the biggest budget of the holidays and it is often this who determines the success of the stay. Indeed, a hotel room, an apartment or a house, must be a comfortable, functional place, where the travelers rest.
For people with reduced mobility, the often forgotten factor is the location of the rental. Because a room or an apartment equipped especially for their needs can be disappointing if the environment is not suitable. What's the point of renting a flat if you want to go down to the beach, you have to go down a lot of stairs or if you want to eat in the small restaurant of the area, you have to climb a highway? This is why it is necessary, even imperative, to choose accommodation according to its interior but also according to its external situation, in order to make the most of the place visited and ensure a pleasant stay.

Accommodations that suits you

hotel chambre louer hebergemetn studio

Traveling alone ?
The best : a homestay
With friends? An apartment or a house 

As a couple ? Charming hotel or guesthouse
With children ? Apartment or house with hotel services
Your accommodation must choose according to: your budget, the needs of every family members activities you will do ... That is why it is important when completing the request quotes to make it clear that vou looking for, what you want to do ...

The holiday rent is the largest budget after the airplane tickets, it will be crucial in the succes of your holidays thanks to the comfort it will provide, its proximity to activities, the welcoming ...
Please note that:
   You can expect low prices in low season
   Best accommodation have to be booked in advance

Tailor made holidays

Cool summer holidays 

nature grece voyage vacance eco

Summer holidays in  South of Europe, do not rhyme systematically with crowd
and heat wave.
Cool, peace and serenity can be there, even in the middle of August.
Just need to find the secret places, the unknown paths...

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September ? One of the best month to travel !

Politique en Grèce

The weather, in this region of Europe, is particular:
Often very warm, even scorching, in summer ( July and August), very cold in winter (in the mountainous regions, the winter in South Greece, very mild). With May and June, September is one of better months to travel in Greece and Republic of Macedonia. Warm but pleasant temperatures
allowing to visit,
to make sports activities,
to swim... Also:
Tranquillity is assured, groups of tourists travelling with the TO make rare. Places of interest find all their charm.


ornithologie sejour thème vacance active

The South of Bakans, thanks to its wild landscape, same part protected, others classified in parks, offers to numerous sorts of birds a haven of peace, where they can stay and nest. We can observe them of course, while keeping our distances not to disturb them. The visits are made in small groups and not in troops of tourists, transported with smoky pullman. Don't forget that those ecosystems remain fragile.

My destinations


flore balkan découverte ecologie

Spring: the ideal season to enjoy the nature that wakes up. During a walk or a hike, you can observe the flora in natural landscapes. You reconnect with nature and recharge the batteries.

Another way to travel...

tortue protection ecologie voyage

Why traveling direct with the locals, and be actors of responsible tourism ? 

 Equitable distribution of the resources generated by your trip (maintaining economic activity even in the smallest villages) 

 Respect for natural, cultural and social environment ( environment as local economy have been destroyed by mass tourism).
For you:  An unique moment away from mass tourism and its clichés, an authentic experience with Men and Women who work for their families, their country  Good prices  Hight quality services : small hotel units are run with love AND professionnalism by the families in charge

Travel designer

Be a responsible traveler

lac ohrid parc galicica macedoine

The traveler's rights :
 Quality services
 A authentic and effective welcome
 Transactions clear and honest...
And his duties :
 Respect  inhabitants, culture, traditions, environment of the country
(minimize the impact of its passage)
 Accept a different lifestyle, during his holidays, ex: useless to create a scandal in a Greek restaurant because the meat is served cold: in Greece, and especially in summer, it is like that that we eat it!!
What can be interesting, it is to discuss, to exchange with people of the country. Why not to approach the theme of the ecology, for example? Give the message of the interest  to protect nature, for the inhabitants themselves, but also for the visitors? The awareness is not made in Greece yet, and some words slid friendly in a conversation can make think.

The concept

When Architecture tells us a story

We all have the image of white houses on the Cyclades islands, in Greece. Of cubic shape, with a roof bring down, walls painted in the lime, the blue shutters...
This architecture is appropriate for this region,
which, crushed by sun in summer, and having winters quiet hot, does not need a sloping roof. Each region has its own style of architecture, which corresponds to the needs of the inhabitants, but also which tells the past:
The invaders, the migrants, the political systems (ah the warm and creative style of the communist strutures!). And as every country has several regions... It is sometimes enough to raise the nose on a balcony during a walk, to have a whole piece of history opening in front of us.

Travel ideas